Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership


EVCTP is a recognized performer nationally, using evidence based models of care for reducing hospital readmissions, delivering complex care management and providing educational supports and practices.
  • Patient-centered practices identify and address the social determinants of health. Merging Care Transitions Intervention with AAA home and community practices create effective patient health outcomes.
  • Deliver in-home assistance at modest costs and historically augment healthcare by visiting patients in their homes to identify other needs that contribute to costly hospital and emergency department admissions and hospital readmits.
  • Utilize evidence-based programs for positive health outcomes through quality care, comprehensive services and prevention¬†practices.
  • Ideal answer to support healthy aging while living at home, saving millions of public healthcare dollars and increasing positive health outcomes.
EVCTP provides solutions that generate   savings to reduce inefficiencies, find and fill gaps of care and influence patient behaviors for better health outcomes.