Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership


Over 40 years of coordinating and delivering quality care and prevention services to Virginians.

At a time when the nation is experiencing burgeoning growth of Medicare beneficiaries and high healthcare costs, EVCTP’s Care Transitions Intervention effectively reduced the 2010 baseline readmission rate of 23.4% for our target group to an average of 8.9% while lowering healthcare costs for Medicare beneficiaries with chronic illnesses. Since 2013, EVCTP has coached over 26,000 people in their homes.

Healthcare is going beyond the physician/patient relationship to include the entire continuum of care and prevention

  • transitioning successfully from one care setting to another
  • incorporating home and community supports as alternatives to institutional care
  • expanding opportunities to include behavioral health
    partnering with Managed Care Organizations and
  • Accountable Care Organizations to increase quality health
    care and lower health care costs
  • teaming with state and national leaders in Medicare
    Chronic Care policy and payment reform